Swiss Grant for Government of Zagórz

Government of Zagórz will receive nearly 340 000 PLN from Swiss Partnership Block Grant. Swiss partner of Zagórz is municipality of Villars-sur-Glâne.

The most important element of the 20 – month project will be delegation visit in Zagórz and Villars-sur-Glâne. The Polish delegation include leaders of local associations and members of Municipal Youth Council. Before these activities delegates have to take part in English course (120 hours), journalist workshop combined with theoretical and practical aspects of the functioning of local governments.

The project also provides edition of six issues of the Zagórz government quarterly magazine with information about the life of the community Villars-sur-Glâne, launch of the Polish – Swiss web page and production of bilingual promotion movies.

The essence of Partnership Found is to promote strengthening partnership between Polish and Swiss local and regional authorities or social partners and institutions to increase their role in decision – making process at local and regional level. It’s not surprising that Mayor of Zagórz Ernest Nowak (who is supporter of building a civil society) strongholds that participation of Zagórz community in Polish – Swiss Grant programme is very desirable.

In addition to the competition Zagórz 10 institutions participated. These include local governments of Krakow and Lublin. A small number of potential beneficiaries was caused by a small number of Swiss partners willing to cooperate with the Poles. Partner of Zagórz – placed on the French border community of Villars-sur-Glane was found in the last moment with great determination of Vice Mayor of Zagórz Alicji Wosik.

Late deadline for obtaining a Swiss partner, led the team of officials to prepare a winning proposal (Alicja Wosik, Jerzy Zuba and Sabina Fura) had to work very hard to finish their work before the deadline for enrollment. Ernest Nowak – the initiator of the project – said that the acquired grant was worth of the hard work because it will benefit for students and local leaders working for social development of the municipality of Zagórz.