Local newspaper of the Zagórz community „Nad Osławą” got to the readers!

To most of homes in the area Zagórz Town and Commune should reach the second issue of the Local Government Bulletin “Nad Osławą”. Bulletin has been funded with the support of numerous volunteers, who included, among others: councilors, village administrators and chairman of district councils. A magazine which debut took place in December 2011, was resumed thanks to the project ” ACADEMY OF DEMOCRACY AND DEVELOPMENT”.


As it turns out that this is not the only novelty on the newspaper what you can learn by reading the foreword of  magazine chief editor Jerzego Zuby:

Dear Readers!

After a few months break we give in your hands the second issue of the Local Government Municipal Bulletin Zagórz “Nad Osławą”. This is a special edition due to the fact that the costs of publication of  this and the next five issues of the magazine are financed under the project “ ACADEMY OF DEMOCRACY AND DEVELOPMENT “, which received more than 320 000 zł grant from the Swiss Partnership Fund Block Grant. This fact will be reflected in the regular column “The  Project Life”, which is implemented together with the Swiss municipality of Villars-sur-Glane.

In order to avoid any comparisons of this magazine with other local magazines which are only a “greeting card” of the local governments we invite on the pages of our magazine Editor Dorotę Mękarską. Journalist of the daily newspaper “Nowiny” asked Mayor of Zagórz  Ernest Nowak about his work towards the implementation of the promises made ​​in its election program.

We hope that thanks to the new column “Youth Affairs” edited in cooperation with the Youth Council of the Zagórz Commune, young people will find something interesting for themselves in our magazine.

To all readers at any age, education and worldview we wish You enjoy reading.

On behalf of the Editorial Team

Jerzy Zuba – Chief Editor

For the electronic version of the newspaper in PDF format > click here <. Another Christmas – New Year’s issue of “Nad Osławą” will be released at the end of December.